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Monday-Thursday 7:30 am- 5:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am-1:00 pm
In case of an emergency:
The maintenance department may be reached at 316-542-3815 -24 hours a day.
The police department may be reached at 316-542-3173 or by dialing 911- 24 hours a day

Proposed Ordinance 933 has been tabled indefinitely, there will be no discussion at the October council meeting. 
 All utility payments must be paid by the last day of the month or utilities will be disconnected.
Sidewalk Grant Application
The Cheney City Council approved the Sidewalk Installation/Replacement Program for 2021.
The purpose of this policy is to assist homeowners with the installation of new sidewalks that connect to existing sidewalks as well as replacing sidewalks in disrepair.

Criteria for consideration of a sidewalk grant:

Click here for a sidewalk grant application form.

The City of Cheney will reimburse property owners for two-thirds (2/3) the cost of public sidewalk, located in the street easement, installation/replacement up to $750.00 per building lot frontage.
Reimbursement will occur based measurements determined by the City at a cost of $4.50 per square foot. Measurements will be rounded to the nearest foot.       
Sidewalk replacements will receive priority and awarded funds first.
Grants will be awarded on a first come basis. The City reserves the right to prioritize some replacements based on severity and need for replacement.
Requests in 2020 not funded may receive priority for 2021 if the program continues.
 If funds are available after all replacement requests have been filled, new sidewalks will be considered on a first come basis.
New sidewalks must link to existing sidewalks.

Sidewalk construction must comply with Cheney city codes regarding specifications for 5’ sidewalks.
The City will pay for the installation of ADA approaches on corner lots and make those arrangements.
A permit is required for sidewalk installations and must be approved by the City building inspector.
Applications must be received at City Hall by November 1, 2021 for consideration.
Construction must be completed by December 16th, 2021 to receive payment.
Payment will be made by check on the regular payment schedule for the City.
The City of Cheney reserves the right to refuse projects based on condition of the sidewalk.
All bad sections or the entire sidewalk must be included in the application.
Tobacco Free Parks- Adopted June 14, 2018
Visiting your local playground or recreational field will now be a more enjoyable experience without cigarette butts littering the ground or the smell of tobacco smoke in the air. Young Lungs at Play! is an initiative promotiong tobacco-free and smoke-free public parks and playgrounds for young people. 

Young Lungs at Play! aims to eliminate children's exposure to secondhand smoke and vapors produced by electronic smoking devices at local public parks, playgrounds and playing fields by educating community service organizations, municipalities, school districts and county government agencies. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment promotes the Young Lungs at Play! initiative throughout Kansas communities to coordinate tobacco-free parks and playgrounds. The initiative also provides no-cost weather-resistant Young Lungs at Play! signs to be posted in those recreation areas. 

Vinita 4H Club member, Cash Young, presented facts regarding tobacco use and second hand smoke to the Cheney City Council on June 14, 2018. Young stated, "1,500 Kansas kids under the age of 18 start smoking every year. Second hand smoke causes 41,000 deaths per year in the U.S." Outdoor tobacoo use has an environment impact as cigarette butts are one of the most littered items in the world and tobacco waste is costly to clean up and can poison our waterways, animals and people. 

The Cheney City Council was receptive to Young's presentation and adopted Ordinance 908 prohibiting Tobacco-use in outdoor recreational areas owned, leased and operated by the City of Cheney on June 14th, 2018. 

Free signs were acquired from KDHE and were hung in locations that are included in the tobacco ban.
The Master Plan was recently designed for the area at MacArthur and South Main (see photos below).

It's amazing to think of everything accomplished on the South Main Complex since 2016. A collaborative effort between Cheney Recreation Commission, the City of Cheney and numerous citizens and volunteers have contributed to the following projects.


1. A master plan for the land was developed through public input by LK Architecture. 
2. A playground grant was secured by Cheney Recreation for $25,000 to purchase a $50,000 play structure.
3. Dirt work was completed on the north section for future multi-use fields. 
4. Future multi-use fields were seeded in the late fall with the help of a donor.
5. 80 trees were donated by ICTrees and planted by volunteers.
6. A grant was secured for $50,000 to build an additional ball field.
7. The parking lot size was doubled.


8. Gaga Ball Pit was constructed as an Eagle Scout Project.
9. A grant for $947.50 was secured from KDHE to purchase 5 park benches. 
10. Fourteen trees were donated and planted by the Gorges Family Tree Farm (Value: $1,750)
11. "Cheney" entrance sign was built and funded by Make A Difference Day (Value: $4,095)
12. Dirt work for the additional ball fields was completed and the beginning stages of a pond began. 
13. An electrical transformer and lights were added to the parking lot. 


14. Backstop  was erected at newest ballfield. 
15. Sprinkler system was installed and grass was planted at the newest ball field. 
16. Another fourteen trees were donated and planted by the Gorges Family Tree Farm (Value: $1,750)
17. Landscaping was done around the "Cheney" entrance sign. 
18. Perimeter fencing around the newest ballfield was installed.
19. Dugouts at the newest ballfield were built.
20. Bleachers were purchased.

21. Scoreboard installed (Donated by Citizen's State  Bank $3,305)
22. Sunshades installed above bleacher area at Field 3
23. Concrete was poured around Field 3
24. Field 3 completed - Total cost $122,463 - $50,000 grant


25. Constructed Backstop for Field 4

26. Obtained grant from LWCF in the amount of $74,294 to develop area north of parking lot by adding multi-use fields, water line, basketball court with adjustable goals, and sidewalks

Looking to Make Cheney Your Home?
Check out these lots currently for sale that are ready for houses! Cheney offers great K-12 schools, active and growing Main Street, awesome Recreation Department, city swimming pool, numerous park upgrades, 18-hole golf course, and is only a quick 20 minutes from West Wichita. Click on Housing additions to view maps of each development. Contact City Hall (316) 542-3622 with any additional questions!

Amber Park-Great residential lots in neighborhood with several families. Closed Builder, but other builders allowed subject to approval. Contact Dal Eck- (316)942-7402
Quail Creek- Lots available with pond located behind each lot. Closed Builder, but other builders allowed subject to approval. Contact Dal Eck (316) 942-7402.
Back Nine- Lots located in new housing addition on the north side of Cherry Oaks Golf Course. Open builder is allowed. Contact Ross Scheer 316-619-9812