Library Board:

The Library Board is a seven member board. Two members are appointed from outside the City limits, but within the USD 268 district. Members serve four year terms and officer terms are for two years. The Mayor serves as an ex-officio member.

Library Board members are:

Gloria Markuly President
Tisha Lynch Vice President
Theo Voth Secretary
Rachel Roberts Treasurer
Emma Cox             
Christopher Webb  
Becky Hedstrom Member
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Planning Commission:

The Cheney Planning Commission meets as needed to discuss zoning, plats, special use permits and other items that pertain to the change and development of the City of Cheney. 

Members include:

Bret Albers
Jami Viner
Steve Gile
Melanie Block
Zach Henson
Bryan Mason
Ryan Runnells
Jessa Albers
David Rich
Ryan Scott
David Woodard

Public Building Commission:

The Public Building Commission was formed in 2004 for the purpose of making possible the acquisition, construction or enlargement of public improvements, buildings, and facilities.

Members include:

Jeremy Pauly- President
Kevin Fowler- Vice President

Ellen Bishop- Secretary
Leon Haden
Craig Albers