Cheney Municipal Court meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 pm 
at Cheney City Hall, 131 N Main, Cheney, KS. 

No shorts allowed. 
All cell phones and pagers must be turned off. 
Hats must be removed. 
For questions regarding Court contact:

Court Clerk Andrea Smyth


I don't want this ticket on my driving record.

Amended Speeding Tickets

If you received a speeding citation and are interested in keeping it off your driving record you may be eligible for an Amendment.  You must appear in person on your court date to visit with the City Prosecutor to see if an amendment is possible in your case.

If an amendment is granted, you will pay a fine and court costs.  The money is due during but time to pay arrangements can be made.

I need to change my court date.

Rescheduling/Continuing an Appearance

Continuances can be granted one time on initial appearances for up to 1 month.

All other continuances may only be granted in the event of a true documented emergency and must be reviewed by the judge. Valid emergencies include death of an immediate family member or personal hospitalization.

Contact the court to obtain a continuance.



I think I may have a warrant.


We cannot make online promises not to arrest a person with an outstanding warrant.

If you suspect that you have a warrant for your arrest, there are options available to resolve the problem. Warrants for minor traffic infractions and time to pay issues can often be cancelled upon payment in full. Other cases require an appearance before the judge.  Warrants on these cases can be resolved by a voluntary appearance when court is in session. By appearing voluntarily, people are able to avoid being arrested at an inconvenient and embarrassing time. Commonly, appearing voluntarily allows people to avoid spending nights in jail, avoid the need to post bond, and allows for same-day resolution and release from the jail. If you appear voluntarily to resolve your warrant you must give prior notice and contact the court.

Each case has its own unique circumstances and warrants are handled according to the judge's discretion. No generic assurances can be given and we cannot make general promises not to arrest anyone with an outstanding warrants.

To find out if you have an outstanding warrant, or to ask about resolving your individual warrant, please contact the court.

I moved or the address on my citation is wrong.

Address Change

All notices to appear will be sent to the last known address.  If you have an open case, keeping your address current with the court is essential! If a notice to appear cannot be delivered by the Post Office because you have not kept your address current, a warrant may be issued.

You may change your address in person or by contacting the court.


Diversion Information

Diversion application

What is a Diversion? Diversions are a second-chance opportunity offered by the Prosecutor, which prevent convictions from going onto the criminal record. Diversions are an agreement with the prosecutor and, if the defendant complies with the terms of the agreement, the charges are dismissed.

Diversion Eligibility: Diversions are generally not available on a second offence of the same or similar crime. Granting a diversion is at the sole discretion of the prosecutor, and various considerations apply.

How to Apply: You will need to speak to the prosecutor to see if you are eligible for a Diversion. If you are eligible for a Diversion then the prosecutor will explain the process. Your case will be rescheduled to provide time to meet with the Diversion Coordinator for pre-diversion interview.